Miniscule Booklets As Quaint Paper Savers

How is that for opening a diminutive online article that attempts to say such a great deal in such a short and small space and time? Pretty explosive, no? The English language is fascinating and it is quite a curious source of information and learning for non-Native English speakers. And of course, it is derived from just so many other languages. Over the centuries. And so it goes too that booklet printing has been around since day one.

booklet printing

Of course, for inexplicable reasons; in those days, the so-called booklets were a lot larger than you have them printed out today. And if you even further back, since way, way back before the revolutionary invention of the Gutenberg press, and yes, you could smile about this, these ‘booklets’ were made from stone. Thousands and thousands of years ago, in fact. The Egyptians recorded stories on their walls.

But of course, they did also invent paper, in the form of papyrus. And the learned ones in that time would reproduce scrolls. And for those of you who thought that the so-called cavemen were just so primitive, think again. Because they were chiselling letters, or their version of letters, into heavy blocks of stone. And then of course, there were the cavemen paintings. How books came to be written back in the day.

Of course, things were a lot quieter then. Today it is a completely different story. And the environment is in chaos, freefall if you will. To help reduce the negative impact being made on the fragile environment, paper savings initiatives are in full motion. Printing small, quaint booklets can be part of that. And to make them quite attractive to the recipient, they can be quite decorative as well.