How To Prepare For A Mover

Moving can be a real headache.  Looking for movers, calling movers and deciding on which movers greensboro nc is the right one or some other company can make your head spin.  This is why when it is time to move you really want to plan ahead and prepare for your move.

When looking for movers, you want to find an experienced company like Austin’s Moving Company; someone that is close to you and is willing to travel to your destination.  If you are moving cross country, then you might want to look for a national brand that has facilities all over the country.  They will be cheaper and will be able to handle the long move from state to state.  If however you are moving down the street or across town, your local movers are going to be your best bet.

Give yourself enough time

Moving is stressful and trying to do it all in a weekend isn’t going to work.  In most cases, it is estimated that you need a month to move and that is just an estimate.  For those looking to move there are a lot of moving parts that need to come into place that we don’t think about.  Here are some that you might find useful


When moving you can call ahead and transfer your utilities from one location to your new location.  This means that they will turn on your power, water and cable.  This is extremely useful to have so you don’t lose power and water at your current residence and will have it functional at your new residence.

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Mail forwarding

We need to get our mail.  One thing that you will want to consider is doing mail forwarding.  Typically a week before you move you can tell the post office to hold your mail for a few days and allow you to pick it up at the post office and then have anything that comes in after a certain date be sent to your new address.  This is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss any vital mail or if it gets sent to the wrong address.