Do You Need A Tooth Extraction?

Most adults have a full set of permanent teeth. Unfortunately, these teeth are not immune to damage, rot, infections, and other oral issues. It is for these reasons and others that a timely and safe tooth extraction virginia beach is often needed.

If you are struggling with any of the following risk factors, you might need a tooth extraction soon.

Rotten Teeth And Infections

Injury, rotting, or infections are dangerous if they reach the center area of the tooth. The center or the pulp area is comprised of nerves and blood vessels. If allowed to spread, the bacteria will attack this sensitive region.

In some cases, an infection can be stopped with antibiotics or root canal therapy. However, if the infection is extensive, preventive extraction is a much safer option.

Overcrowding Of Mouth

When teeth are too big or there are too many extra teeth, it is known as overcrowding. Overcrowding is not a direct medical issue, however, it can cause complications. It can disorganize the setup of your teeth and general alignment.

If lack of space or issues with wisdom teeth coming in is a concern, extraction should be opted for.

Other Issues To Consider

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, organ transplant, or other major treatments, tooth infections are a huge risk. It is best to eliminate an infected tooth as a precaution before such procedures.

Additionally, if you suffer from low immunity or similar health problems, infections are more likely. Oral diseases like gum issues are also risk factors that can loosen teeth and make extraction imminent.  

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While tooth extractions are a daunting experience, they can be made comfortable, quick, and safe. You should clear up all your questions and concerns with a dental expert before you go ahead with the removal.